We all have something we are working towards. Whether you live and breathe fitness, or are just beginning your journey to a healthier place, we have to start somewhere. At Frontier, we welcome all walks of life and challenge them to be the best version of themselves. To many, it can seem daunting at first. It can be difficult: kickstarting that workout routine you’ve been planning, or trying something new that scares you.

We challenge you to finally do what you’ve wanted to. Visit our climbing gym, and crush that fear of heights. Set up a routine at Frontier Fitness and push yourself to new limits you never thought were possible. Strengthen your core at Frontier Performance. Whatever it is, we can help you get there. Start today, and become who you want to be.


 Surprise yourself with your results. Become the best version of yourself with consistency and hard work.


  • 24-hour access to Frontier Fitness

  • 12,000 square-foot climbing gym

  • On-site training, 1-on-1 and groups

  • Competitions/Tournaments

  • Crossfit Classes/Training



Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport. We go to great lengths to make our facilities as safe as possible to ensure our facility patrons encounter as little risk as possible. That being said, we require a waiver from every visitor to the gym in order to stay in operation and for insurance purposes.  

All customers under the age of 18 MUST have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Yes, we offer 5 punch cards for $70 and 10 punch cards $130. 

Yes, anyone belaying needs to take a belay test or a belay class. 

You can climb on our bouldering walls. Bouldering does not require ropes, instead it focuses on shorter walls with padding on the ground. Partners are not required for this style of climbing. 

You can climb on our top rope auto-belays.  After brief orientation on how to safely use auto belays you can climb on our circuit of auto-belay devices without a partner.  

You can take the Learn the Ropes class to learn all the safety requirements for using the facility. This class typically takes a little over 1 hour. Once completed you’ll have full access to the gym and have skills to allow you to belay anywhere in the country!  A climbing partner is required for this type of climbing.

We provide lockers at our facility for your convenience, but DO NOT provide locks. Please bring your own lock when you come. We take no liability for lost/stolen items so it is recommended that all valuables (wallets/keys/computers) are either locked up or left in the car.

Wear something that you are comfortable moving around in. We suggest flexible pants and something not too baggy. It is recommended to wear shorts or pants that do not need a belt. Think “Phys. Ed” class. We have all of the gear you need for climbing, so no need to worry about that part! Just make sure you bring socks to wear with our rental shoes.